Friday night, all families (with the exception of any established Pathfinder meal) should plan on eating en route, in Sandy or at home, or bringing something portable and cold for your family. The Cantinas will start Saturday at breakfast.

Rovers — Rovers are generally eating with the youth section they are leading. Some Rovers may choose to stay in Rover Camp, and should plan, cook, and eat meals together as they wish.

PathfindersPathfinders are responsible for organizing, purchasing, collecting payments, setting up kitchen, and cooking all of their meals within patrols.

Timberwolves — With guidance, Timberwolves will prepare, cook, serve, eat, and clean in the Timberwolf Cantina. This is part of the Timberwolf progression and growth—it’s meant to be a challenge that they can overcome if they work together. All Timberwolves and their families who wish to participate in the Cantina must have registered to do so prior to the event. These Pack-centered meals will include Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner and Sunday breakfast/lunch.

Otters, Chipmunks, non-Rover parents, etc. — There will be three separate kitchen and eating areas around Family Camp, which we’ve named: Camp 5-0-Tree, Camp Ivanhoe, and Camp Northstar. We’ve put our smallest groups and those from out of town together with our three largest groups: The 503rd Spotted Owl, the 636th Mt. Tabor, and the 55th Cascadia. All participants will have the opportunity to join the group kitchen in your camp for Saturday Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and Sunday Breakfast/Lunch. You’ll receive information about how to sign up.

You do not necessarily have to opt in for any of the group eating options, though we’d just ask that you keep a small cooking footprint and keep all kitchen gear in the area of your camp’s kitchen.

Camp 5-0-Tree
503rd Spotted Owl
98th Rainier
59th Bear Creek

Camp Ivanhoe
55th Cascadia
74th North Sounders
124th Redwood Rangers
12th Osprey

Camp Northstar
636th Mt. Tabor
22nd Wildwood
45th Columbia River