General Info

What is Hullabaloo?
Hullabaloo is an annual gathering and campout organized by BPSA groups in the Portland, Oregon area. Hullabaloo 2016 brought around 350 people to Bull Run Educational Center in Sandy, Oregon— the largest gathering in BPSA-US history. It’s grown to become one of our region’s most anticipated events, as it’s a chance to fully experience the community and fellowship of the scouting movement.

Why “Hullabaloo” as a name?
The 55th Cascadia originally drew some inspiration from the Wes Anderson film, “Moonrise Kingdom,” wherein the scouts (Troop 55) attend a Hullabaloo (likely a riff on other scouts organizations’ Jamboree/ Camporee traditions).

Why the phoenix?
Trackers Earth has graciously allowed BPSA to use the space at BREC for countless trainings, gatherings and campouts for the last few years. In November 2016, the beloved historic pavilion many may remember from previous Hullabaloos was destroyed by arsonists. BPSA groups from the Portland area have been onsite throughout the months leading up to Hullabaloo 2017, offering service, clean-up, and repairs to the BREC site as a thank you to Trackers Earth. Truly, Hullabaloo 2017 is rising from the ashes of a cherished structure destroyed by a careless action. We expect this year to be a rich celebration of the tenacity of goodwill and service, in all respects.

About Bull Run Educational Center (BREC) Facility

Owned by Trackers Earth, Bull Run Educational Center (BREC)  sits on the banks of the dry Roslyn Lake bed.  BREC encompasses 90-acres of beautiful successional land and forest space. The site has bathrooms with flush toilets and sinks with good water. There are no showers on site. There will be portable toilets with handwashing stations. There are water spigots.

Camping is by section in the meadow and forest areas. At check in, you’ll get information about where to set up your camp. You may be able to bring your car fairly close to your campsite to unload gear. Ask a scout or Rover for help unloading your gear if you need a hand.  

There are dedicated fire rings, though they’ll be primarily used for programming and set cooking activities and will not be available for family cooking, warming, etc. We will have a traditional campfire with program each night.

There is cell reception.

RV/Camper parking will be in the offset parking lot to the right as you first enter the BREC open space. There will be signage.