Camp Set-up

Timberwolves camp together in Timberville. Unregistered families, Otters, etc. will sleep in the Otter section. Per BPSA rules, scouts may not sleep in a tent with an adult other than their parent/guardian. They may share a tent with a child whose gender aligns with theirs, or on their own. Rovers will be in Timberville to offer support, but will not be in tents with Timberwolves who are not their children.


Timberwolves and their families may either take care of their own food or participate in the Timberwolf Cantina, where they will prepare, cook, and clean up group meals together with Rover help. The cost is $5 per person, payable at registration. Timely registration for this section is appreciated for meal planning.

Things to Bring

Please remember the ten essentials:
Orientation (map, compass)
Tool (knife, multitool)
Sun/rain protection (sunscreen, hat, rain gear)
First Aid
Fire starting

— Clothing that’s appropriate for the weather and for being outdoors for the weekend.

— Sleeping gear: tent, sleeping bag, bedding, sleeping pad, etc.
— Please bring a refillable water bottle and receptacle for your family.
— Food gear: mess kit: silverware, plate, cup, bowl.
— Headlamp/flashlight/lantern (no open flame lamps or torches!)
— Sun Protection and Insect repellant

Extra items:

group-related “spirit” things, like flags, bunting, signs, etc.
musical instruments & stories
card games
snacks to share with friends
active things that can get a game going during downtime, such as balls, parachutes, cones, etc.
Night time lovey

What NOT to bring:

Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, or drugs
Fireworks or sparklers

One note: While there is cell coverage and internet at BREC, we’re encouraging families to leave iPads, tablets, etc. at home for the weekend.

Timberwolf Uniform

Scout uniforms are the recommended Hullabaloo wear! Ideally, we’d like people to be in full uniform for morning and evening flag ceremonies; during the day, a BPSA or Group T-shirt is fine. We are asking Timberwolves to bring closed-toe shoes for their safety during our program. “In camp” shoes are great for down time.

Hat: blue ball style cap with the Timberwolf Badge centered on the front
Shirt: grey long-sleeve jersey with no collar, sleeves rolled up or down
Pants: Either long style cargo pants or shorts in dark blue
Necker: of the group’s colors or white if not invested, worn with a ring or slide at the throat
Socks: any plain color (not white)
Shoes: brown or black
Belt: Brown webbing or leather


This is a typical Hullabaloo weekend schedule, though all is subject to change. More detailed program information will be available closer to the event.

Many of us will arrive on Friday night, after 4:00pm. This is an informal time for all of us to get acquainted with each other and the site, and we’ll have a group campfire before bed. We heartily encourage you to come Friday night, as you’ll able to take part in the full experience on Saturday morning.

*You’re welcome to come on Saturday; please plan to be at BREC by 9:00am.

7:30 Reveille
9:00 Flag
9:15 Council Rock — We are asking Timberwolves and Rovers to be in uniform and ready to start the morning.
We have a full schedule for Saturday, with plenty of time to rest and for the children to play.
Timberwolves will be assigned their sixes and the day will begin. Feel free to hang around for a while, but after that parents can do their own thing.

7:30 Reveille
9:00 Flag
9:30 Council Rock
This will be a time for a more formal ceremony to award badges that your Timberwolves may have earned, and to “Invest” Timberwolves who haven’t been invested yet.
11:00 Timberwolf Program will close.

Medical Information

We will have a first aid station at HQ. Please let us know about any life-threatening allergies or immediate medical needs. Your groups’ section leaders will have access to your child’s medical releases but as you know, you are your child’s best advocate and voice. We want to be prepared the best way possible.

If your child receives medication, you are solely responsible for administering that. We will not give out medication at the HQ level. Please keep medications locked and out of sight.


BREC is a fairly primitive camp area with very uneven terrain. Often announcements are made by someone yelling them out. The schedule is set and you’ll get a copy, but if your child needs help with transitions or will do best with a picture schedule, please let one of us know. In general, if you or your family need assistance, translation, or a modified schedule, we are here to help. We want you to be at Hullabaloo with us and we’ll do our best to make it available for everyone.